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2007 - KIDS SC/Rambler Art Contest

"Congratulations to our big budding artist winners in the 2007 Art contest."

1st place! - Melanie Stump age 7

Qualicum Beach, B.C. Canada,
Daughter of 1512 supporting member
Sterling Stump

Tied in 2nd place -
Ben Richards - age 6

Cambridge Ontario, Canada
Son of 1512 supporting member
Greg Richards

Tied in 2nd place
Sarah Richards - age 7

Cambridge Ontario, Canada
Daughter of 1512 supporting member
Greg Richards
2007 1512 SUPPORTING MEMBERSHIP FINAL TALLY as of Dec 24, 2007
Congratulations to our winners, what a great way to end a great year!
Although we did not meet our requirements for the prize draw and the min. number of memberships purchased. The Registry and Amazing muscle cars in the spirit of the season decided to draw the prizes for all 3 membership packages. We would like to take the time to wish everyone of our supporting members of this site and the 1512 registry all the very best for the new year. We also want to thank everyone who has supported us through out our growing pains (and you know who you are) .
"THANK YOU, from the bottom of our true AMC enthusiast hearts! "
odds of winning were only 1 in 4
odds of winning were only 1 in 17
odds of winning were only 1 in 14
at time of draw $ 120.00

Donated by talented artist Danny Whitfield - A 16x20 Art Print of your choice from his own gallery collection of muscle car artwork.
Johnny Lightning Head to Head Series from the 1512 Registry's merchandise inventory.

at time of draw $ 300.00

A reproduction metal novelty plate
from the 1512 Registry's merchandise inventory.
An original condition hood badge
provided by Registry Promotions Director Matt Wilson
at time of draw $ 600.00

Vintage NOS Thrush mufflers donated to the registry by supporting member Steven Stull.
A high quality reproduction SC/Rambler hood scoop donated from Joie Vaughan's personal collection, now being professionally refinished by Steven Stull his time and expertise donated to benefit the registry.

SC / HURST RAMBLER Licence plate

Image coming soon


1 - George Davis (1)
2 - Mike Lewis (1)
3 - Paul De Maria (1)
4 - Tom & Phil De Maria (1) Winner
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 -

1 - James Randal (1)
2 - Bob Hodson (2)
3 - Shawn Knapp (2)
4 - Dennis Madday (1)
5 - Mike Coon (1)
6 - Nandor Darvas ( 1)
7 - Greg Richards (1)
8 - Randy Phillips (1)
9 - Sterling Stump (1)
10 - Al Russell (1) Winner
11 - Randy Scutchfield (2)
12 - Byron Baty Jr. (1)
13 - Gerry Saunders (1)
14 - John Johnson (1)

1 - Wade Linger (2)
2 - Steven Stull (1)
3 - Steve Bass (1)
4 - Wayne Grienstead (1)
5 - Russ Smith (1) Winner
6 - Vince Scamardo (4)
7 - Stephen Hynes (1)
8 - Sterling Stump (1)
9 - John McKee (1)
10 - Mike Coon (1)

These are the members who supported our registry by participating in our voluntary purchased memberships for 2007! The number in parentheses behind the name represents the number of scramblers owned by that person and therefore the number of times their name was entered in the draw giving them as many chances to win. If the persons name appears more than once on the lists it is because more than one supporting membership was purchased by that member.

We couldn't have come this far with out the people who make up our supporting community, your support is appreciated and our sites success is evident by over 6 and a half million visitors to our site.

NOTICE of prize restrictions
Closing date December, 24 Christmas 2007 Prizes and memberships are available to anyone who wishes to support our site and registry! ALL NON SC/Rambler owners will be called AMC Memberships, and all HURST SC/Rambler owners past & present are called 1512 memberships. Prizes are shipped directly to recipient at no cost to the winner!

Due to the rarity and expense to obtain items to give away as prizes, Amazing Muscle Cars and The 1512 Registry reserves the right to place a restriction of the release of prizes as follows: A minimum of 10 memberships per category must be sold before prizes will be award for that category, If less than 10 memberships are sold for a category, then prizes for that category will be held over and added to the 2008 membership prizes. We are sorry, but the purpose of the membership prize draw is to raise the funds necessary to fulfil the financial obligations of the registry in it's entirety and our ever growing amazing muscle cars web site.

In the sad event that the support is not received by our AMC community, the prizes will be held over until 2008 season. With respect to anyone who purchases a membership after Au 25, 2007, will be honored for the remainder of 2007 and the calendar year 2008. This is a one time offer for new memberships only. To qualify for this years prize draw the memberships must be received by the dates according to the restrictions above.

How do I pay for a membership?

Canadian and US dollar accepted at par. Check or money order payments should be mailed to the following address:

Joie Vaughan, President & CEO
7685 Blott Street,
Mission, B.C. Canada

For more information feel free to call Joie Vaughan in the office at GRAFIK SCENES 604-814-0392 9am-5pm Pacific Standard Time

BONUS for KIDS and adults too 0 - 17, Enter the drawing, painting, model building, clay sculpting, SC/Rambler art contest!
2007 art contest prizes

Who is eligible for the membership prizes?
Only paid memberships are eligible to win the available prizes. All members who sent in contributions for 2007 have been included in this years 2007 membership prize draw, all entries are posted.

Who is exempt from the prize draws?
Board of directors - Joie Vaughan, Matt Wilson and Dan curtis are excluded from the prize draws. Also any private registry entries are also not eligible to accept prizes. To change private status and qualify for prizes OWNER-PRIVATE entries must log into your user number and password and change the request for private entry to reflect a regular entry. Once the profile has been updated, you will be included in the draw. Remember if you change your private status, your name will be visible on the survivors lists.

Who can purchase a membership and be eligible for the prize draw?

How many times can a person enter?
For people who have owned more than one SCrambler in your family and verify the vin# for them, those people will be granted as many entries as the number of Scramblers they have owned for each membership purchased. Example, if you have owned 4 different Scramblers in your life time and you purchase 1 membership, you will be granted 4 entries, if you buy 2 memberships you will be granted 8 entries to the membership category purchased. Non SC/Rambler owners receive only one entry per paid membership but, you can purchase as many memberships as you like. All memberships go toward the financial obligations of AMAZING MUSCLE CARS and THE 1512 HURST SC/RAMBLER REGISTRY that has brought you this site.

Example: If you own or have ever owed 1 Scrambler, then you purchase 1 paid membership, then you will have once chance to win in that draw. If you have owned 3 different Scramblers in any time frame and can verify them, you will have 3 chances to win in that membership draw.

WANT TO BARTER? - We would be happy to barter parts to pay for a membership, some items we would like to see might be as follows:
Vintage aluminum intake manifolds (all makes)
Vintage aluminum valve covers (all makes)
American motors NOS parts.
Any make muscle car NOS parts.
Items that might make good prizes for next years membership prize draw.
Hard to find parts that might help out another member.

For more information please contact Joie Vaughan, Matt Wilson or Dan Curtis.
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